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Live Classes for Creative Courses - Group & Private Lessons is a platform for online live classes for creative courses like Photography, Music, Musical Instruments, Filmmaking, Painting, Dance, Animation, Marketing etc. believes that passion drives everyone. However, in our busy lives, our hobby or our passion takes a backseat. We are here to help you re-connect with your lost dream. Our carefully crafted courses help you excel in your hobby or achieve accolades in your creative professional career.

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Indian Classical Music (Beginners)>
Indian Classical Music (beginners)

with Dipti Mukherjee

Hindustani Music Classes LIVE, Learn Classical Music

Learn Indian Classical Music and Improve Your Singing.

You will be able to sing any song with proper taal and notations

You will be able to practice following the basic rules of music

You will learn taal, raag, light Indian Classical Music

You will learn how to sing with percussion instruments

You will be able to record your voice with karaoke music

24 Hours

3 Months



Indian Classical Music (Advanced)>
Indian Classical Music (advanced)

with Dipti Mukherjee

Learn Indian Classical Music - Hindustani Vocal Music Theory

This course has been designed for those who want to learn Indian Classical Music thoroughly with detailed knowledge of advanced Raag.

You will be able to perform on stage.

You will be able teach music.

You will get the detailed knowledge of Indian Classical Music.

48 Hours

6 Months



Fundamentals of Photography>
Fundamentals Of Photography

with Siddharth Kashyap

Learn Basic Fundamentals of Photography course, Live Classes

Fundamentals of photography course for learning photography basics.

You will learn how you can take impressive pictures

You will understand which gear/equipment to use in different situations and budgets

You will understand the basics of lighting, composting techniques

You will be able to learn how a camera works, so that better pictures can be taken using manual settings

You will be able to learn how to take photographs in different scenarios like family portraits, landscapes, aerial, product, wildlife, and much more

You will be learning the fundamentals of photography

25 Hours

3 Months



Learn Photoshop Editing>
Learn Photoshop Editing

with Siddharth Kashyap

Photo Editing Classes Live, Online Photoshop Course

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard when it comes to editing photographs and pictures. Every year more tools are being added in Adobe Photoshop making it more powerful than ever before. Learn the most loved tool for image editing.

To Be Edit Photos Professionally , Photo Composition, Image Background Removal , Photo Editing, UI Design,

Design icons, business cards, illustrations, and characters

Remove people or objects from photos

15 Hours

2 Months



Foundation Video Editing Course (with Premiere Pro CC)>
Foundation Video Editing Course (with Premiere Pro Cc)

with Siddharth Kashyap

Learn Video Editing Online Premiere Pro Course, Live Classes

Learn Video editing with Premiere Pro CC and make your career as a Video Editor!

Basic Understanding of Premiere Pro CC tool

Includes CC 2018 & CC 2019 Updates!

Color correction of your video to fix issues with white balance and exposure.

Applying visual effects such as making stabilized shaky video, removing grains, and making video in more cinematic way with overlays.

Editing of an entire video from beginning to end, By using efficient and professional techniques.

Starting a project with the correct settings for any kind of video, from any camera.

Adding a feel in to your video with color grading.

Learning how to edit green screen footages and to be able to add beautiful backgrounds

25 Hours

3 Months



Complete Youtube Course - Starting, Editing & Marketing>
Complete Youtube Course - Starting, Editing & Marketing

with Siddharth Kashyap

Youtube Classes, Live Training, Complete Online Course

Become a youtube expert! Don't be dependent on expensive video editors. Learn editing tricks for your youtube channel.

How to handle camera in a professional manner

Beginner level photo editing skills

Beginner level video editing skills

Deep understanding of camera angles which work best for you

How to make your YouTube videos all the more fun by adding transitions

How to play with different tools while editing

25 Hours

3 Months



Digital Marketing Course>
Digital Marketing Course

with Dinesh

Learn Digital Marketing Online Training, Courses, Live Class

Learn Google Digital Marketing with live projects. Practical training with loads of assignments for maximum learning.

Discovering new tools offered by the Internet.

Understand and assess the online consumer mentality.

Evaluate Internet marketing indicators and point KPIs.

Using the Google Search Console or Webmaster Tools

30 Hours

3 Months



Digital Marketing - Crash Course>
Digital Marketing - Crash Course

with Dinesh

Fundamental Digital Marketing Basics Course, LIVE Classes

Learn the fundamentals of Digital Marketing in this course specially designed for college students.

Understand the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Implementing Digital Marketing Strategies for Personal Growth

Learn Keyword Research Analysis Technique

16 Hours

2 Months



Why take online live classes?

  • check Your preferred time
  • check Convenience of your home
  • check Interactivity of an offline class
  • check Great for busy schedules
  • check Lower course price than offline classes
  • check Case Studies included
  • check Project Based Learning
  • check Reputed Certificate
  • check Support from our Tutors
  • check Best tutors from all over the world

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Why should I take an online live class?

By taking online live classes on, there is a surety of the best learning experience by the best teachers through online live virtual class. Our fundamentals are clear. We rely on practical learning, case studies and project-based learning approach.

How are you different from other online course platforms? is different other platforms because you get a chance to learn and interact with our expert instructors through our live virtual classroom. There would be one to one interaction between the student and the instructor which is usually missing in an online course. This is your upgraded classroom = interactivity of an offline class + convenience of an online class


What after I complete the course?

After the completion of the course, you will get certification and two months premium access to our job and freelancing portal through which you will be connected with jobs and freelancing work in the industry for experience and exposure.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide pre-recorded videos in your courses?

No, we do not believe in learning from videos. Our training is fully online and live. This is similar to an offline class with the flexibility of online learning. Best of both worlds indeed!

How are the live classes conducted?

The live classes are conducted through our inbuilt Live Virtual Classroom. Joining the classroom is as simple as clicking on a link. You will recieve the link 10 minutes prior to the class on your E-mail and Phone.

Are private lessons available?

Yes, Our Creative courses have option of both private lessons as well as group classes.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, the courses are Certificate courses. In order to get the certificate, your attendance must be greater than 80%.

How can I choose my class timings?

We run multiple batches for a course. You can enroll in any of the batch of your choice. If you opt for private lessons, you can choose from the available slots in the starting of the course. Those slots will be booked for you.

What when we complete the course?

We provide internship opportunities in few of our creative courses. Also, all our students are given premium membership of our Jobs and Freelancing Portal for 2 months.

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