Jewellery Design and How to Become a Jewellery Designer?

Jewellery Design and How to Become a Jewellery Designer?


Summary to became a Jewellery Designer:

Jewellery designing is among the most popular careers in the present time. In this article, we will mention the steps on how to become a jewellery designer.

No one can deny the fact that women go gaga over pretty looking jewellery. With the changing time, now men are also falling for the beautiful jewellery pieces making it an accessory for all the genders. The only difference is their way of designing. People who believe that they are good at the imagination and can designing can begin their career as a jewellery designer. All such people may have the talent but do not know the right steps to take to begin their career.

The first thing that they should know is how to become a jewellery designer. Mere knowing some designs cannot help in becoming a successful designer. You should be aware of the day-to-day tasks as well as the right steps that will allow you to start your career as a jewellery designer. With that thing in mind, here we mention a quick guide on becoming a jeweller designer.

#1 Conceptualize Your Idea

The foremost and basic of jewellery designing is having a concept. Every designer should have a basic concept or idea that they will further convert into reality. The design idea could be anything. However, it should have a unique factor that no other designer has. Uniqueness is something that people would pay you for. If your designers are copied from some other sources, then it will not work in the long run. Moreover, it could also invite some legal troubles in the future. 

Creating an idea requires basic drawing skills so that you can put your thoughts on paper. In case you are not good at drawing, then you can draw just a basic sketch of the design. The design can be improved with time, but you should have a basic idea. 

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#2 Create a 3D Model

Once you have a basic or detailed design, it is time to create a 3D model of the same. The 3D model will have all the details of the design but in 3D. Having a 3D model allows the designer to look at their design even before the actual production of the jewellery. Moreover, a 3D design will let you know about the possibility of improvement in the design. Undeniably, you will have new concepts and designs every day. If you think that the new idea would complement the current design, then you can modify it for a better outcome. 

#3 Production of the Design

Now that you are confident with your design, you should move to the next step which is the actual production. Producing jewel is an essential task and require expertise. Make sure that you implement your design the right way and attain the right outcome. There are several companies that provide the production services where all you have to do is bring your idea. They will assist you in the production stage so that you can bring your designs to reality.

#4 Communication and Marketing

Even though there is a basic qualification required for jeweller designing but having good communication skills is mandatory. Most of the designers will be working independently on the initial stage and only the contacts will help them in getting jewellery designer jobs. In addition to your designing, you should also work on your communication skills. 

Also, marketing is an essential skill that you should possess. There are several marketing techniques like social media, PR, and advertising that will help you in spreading the word about your designs. Always remember that the more people know about you, the better work opportunities you will have. 

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#5 Job or Self Employment

There are only two types of people: one who prefer working in a job and others who like to lead their way and start a business. Both of these have their perks and returns. When it comes to a job, then the first thing that the employer requires is a qualification in the designer field. If you want to get hired for a job, then you should attend a jewellery design school or online jewellery designing course so that you have better chances of grabbing that job.

On the other hand, self-employment does not require any formal qualification. The only thing necessary is excellent designs and marketing and you are good to go. Keep in mind, that starting a business requires investment depending on the scale that you are working on. It is always best that you start with a small scale to ensure that you are going on the right path. 

Practising is the key to improve the designs. A jewellery designer salary highly depends on their designs so you should practice more to attain better designs. Follow the work of some of your favourite designers as you will learn a lot from their designs. Every designer has its style and you will find your designs by making more and more designs. 

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