How to Become a Video Editor | Film Editor Career Path

How to Become a Video Editor | Film Editor Career Path

How to Become a Video Editor | Film Editor Career Path

Compiling different shots to form a video is what a film editor does. Though it sounds pretty simple, yet it requires a lot of training and hard work. Becoming a great film editor is a dream of many, but only a few of them live their dream. The reason is the attaining the right knowledge at the right time to make this dream come true. 

In order to know more about this career, the first thing that people want to know is how to become a film editor. If you are also looking for the same, then below mentioned are some of the actions that will help you in becoming a video editor. 

#1 Watch Good Films

It is always said that if you want to learn to write, then you should begin reading. Learning from other’s work is a way of learning as well. With that thing in mind, watching good films is surely a great way of learning film editing. The first thing that you should do is make a list of Oscar-nominated films of the last year and analyze them. Closely look at the cuts and the actions where the cut is placed. In addition to that, you should also be looking at the type of shots to juxtaposition for the perfect meaning. 

When it comes to how to become a film editor, then the very first step is to watch good films that have stolen people’s hearts.

#2 Take Professional Video Editing Training

Mere knowing about the right place to put a cut or the shots is insufficient to fulfill the criteria of film editor jobs. Learning different tools of video editing is necessary to get the right job. The best way to do this is by taking professional video editing training. At such training, you will get to know about working on different editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Pro. If you are looking for professional training, then you can opt for Qlasses where you will get the best training. 

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#3 A Lot of Practice

There is no denying the fact that practice makes a person perfect in their work. Only seeking information on how to become a video editor will not help in becoming one. Make sure that you do a lot of practice on the software to refine your editing. You can either shoot videos on your own or you can download some footage from the internet and edit them. Additionally, you can compare your edited clip with other editor’s video to understand the difference in editing. However, always ensure that you practice a lot.

#4 Attend Workshops

Video editing is now extremely popular among people and many of them want to learn this art. Considering that fact, there are several institutes that host workshops on video editing. The benefit of attending such workshops is that they are taken by experienced professionals who have an impeccable job in film editing. They will be sharing some tips and their experience with the attendees which makes it a great opportunity. In addition to that, such workshops are proven effective for networking as well. Qlasses offers such workshops & online events that you can attend to learn more about film editor career.  

#5 Work Professionally

Almost everybody is aware that the reality of the industry can only be learned while working. There is a reason why employers look for hands-on experience while shortlisting a candidate. Attaining experience allows them to get an idea of the candidate’s knowledge and understanding. To become a successful film editor, you have to take a big step of actually working in the industry. You will surely learn something new every day and get to know more about editing. You can connect with SkillDosti’s to get both full-time and part-time work as an editor. 

#6 Develop Visualization and Storytelling Skills

Filmmaking is all about storytelling and visualization. In order to become a video editor, you should first develop your storytelling skills. Once you have achieved that skill, it is time to visualize. Make sure that you are able to know what type of shot is perfect for the scene. Deliver your requirements to the director so that they could make all the necessary arrangements during the filming. 

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#7 Look Out for the Details and Mistakes

An editor is the first person who looks at the film after it is shot. It is the duty of the editor to look at each frame for details and point out the mistakes as well. Looking at the detailing in the frame will not only make you a good editor but a great filmmaker as well. 

Film editing is not made for everyone. Only a few could learn this amazing art and become successful as an editor. It is true that a film is made on the editing table. An editor has the power to make an average film remarkable or vice-versa. With the right practice and hard work, you will surely succeed in this career. To attain even better knowledge, you can take Qlasses which are online classes for video editing

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