Top 10 Famous And Best Chefs in Delhi

Top 10 Famous And Best Chefs in Delhi

Top chefs in Delhi:


Not everyone who cooks is a chef. Chefs are the chief cook in a hotel and restaurant. This hotel industry is vast and has heterogeneous roles to perform. We cannot pick up one as important, everyone is an important component in this industry. Talking about the food, India has a richly varied cuisine and variety of chefs cooking it. Many chefs have much to be praised for their style of cooking and the fantastic range of fabulous food they make. Indian cooking has more combinations of flavors and seasoning than any other nation and our chefs know the best. Let’s know some of these chefs who make your life sweet, sour, and spicy. Let’s check the top chefs in Delhi:


Panvinder Bali

He is one of the top chefs in Delhi. In the hotel industry, Parvinder Bali is not just a name but a revolution. He is the man behind Oberoi’s cuisine standards. If you have a little knowledge about the hotel industry you will know the value of the name Oberoi. Chef Panvinder Bali has taught generations of students and has made the level of bakery and patisserie at the Oberoi group so high.

 Top 10 Famous And Best Chefs in Delhi

Abhishek Gupta

Ever in your life, you get a chance to eat at The Leela Ambience, Gurgaon, please go and never miss the food made by Chef Abhishek Gupta. His way of cooking turns feeling and emotions into the taste. These are not just words if you want to know what actual joy is, then taste the food made by him.

Anil Khurana

The man from Hyatt, famous for his north Indian cooking. Though Hyatt has no Indian restaurant, the north Indian food here is divine. Want to taste some authentic delicacies, head towards Hyatt. Right now!

Priyam Chatterjee

Have you ever heard about the food at QLA? Well, he is the man behind that magical taste, Priyam Chatterjee. He is an emerging chef and has a long way to go. Bonus, he looks amazing.

Top 10 Famous And Best Chefs in Delhi

Vikas Vibhuti

Can we make it simple, just understand that he is the best baker in Delhi and when we say the best, we mean The Best baker. One who understands food and taste never forgets to stop in front of his cupcakes and macarons store. He is a part of The Oberoi.

DN Sharma

DN Sharma is a part of the Orient Express from the day it started. The classic French food he makes holds two worlds together. If you are planning for an anniversary or a birthday dinner, don’t forget to taste at the Orient Express.

Rahul Gomes Pereira

Just like his name, his cooking is also different and defines itself. He is also known as Picu. He is a chef of the modern era and understands the global trends, the global taste. He is a chef at a regional Indian restaurant Jamunin Lodhi Colony Market. So, when are you going to taste the food there?

 Top 10 Famous And Best Chefs in Delhi

Devender Bungla

He is a corporate pastry chef at the Hyatt Regency. What a man he is! He is the god of pastry. Believe us! One who understands pastry calls him the chef of the chef. He is a master of his job.

Anahita Dhondy

The first lady on the list. Have you ever heard of this quirky name SodaBottleOpenerWala? Yes, that’s a restaurant. Anahita has done something amazing for this restaurant, dragging the cuisine from archives and giving it an authentic remake, only an artist can do this. She is the artist of her field.

Gulam Qureshi

Being the son-in-law of MasterChef Imtiaz Qureshi, Gulam Qureshi has maintained his individuality. He is known for his work. His food at Dum Pukht is among the best so we can say that he is a worthy successor of his father-in-law.

Top 10 Famous And Best Chefs in Delhi

This was a list of top chefs in Delhi but if you are foody then no boundary can stop you. Live for food. 

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