Top 10 Famous And Best Makeup Artist In Delhi

Top 10 Famous And Best Makeup Artist In Delhi



Makeup has a different meaning for different people. For some it is a passion, it is a profession, for some it is a way of embracing oneself and for some, it could be just a way to hide the imperfections. No matter how divergent its definition to different people but this is a well-known fact that this industry is booming with the speed of light day by day. Be it your daily life, be it the movie, be it your wedding or be it the theatre makeup is the backbone when it comes to the transformation. In this blog, we will discuss the famous makeup artists in Delhi who are working day and night and embracing many lives and providing confidence to numerous. If you are in Delhi and looking for a makeup artist then why go somewhere else when the famous makeup artist is in Delhi.

  • Guru Makeup Artist-

    Guru is the master of his field. He knows the fact that women are the beautiful creation of God and needs to be embraced at all cost. His fine work and a lot of experience in this industry give the best outcome. He has been a part of many Tv commercials, photoshoots, and fashion shows.   

Top 10 Famous And Best Makeup Artist In Delhi

  • Ambika Pillai-

    This gorgeous woman has some greatest achievements in life. She, as a makeup artist has worked with some of the best designers of India like Rohit Bal, Manish Arora, Sabyasachi, Suneet Varma, JJ Valaya, Tarun Tahiliani. She is the only hairstylist and makeup artist to work in all editions of Indian fashion week. She has also done many fashion shows outside India and gained a lot of appreciation. Ambika has expanded her business all over India. 
  • Sakshi Sagar-

    Sakshi Sagar is not just a name but a brand itself. It promises you the best service. It has a line of skilled professionals working day and night to embrace and glorify your beauty. Sakshi Sagar knows how to use the features of a person to bring the best out of it. 
  • Chandni Singh-

    Chandni Singh is a name that shines brightly in the fashion industry. She has been working in this industry for the last 11 years and holds a great experience. Chandni says she has learned styling and another beauty treatment herself and a self-taught person is everything you need. She has also worked with some of the top advertising agencies, models, and photographers. Her studio provides you with the service of bridal makeup and other pre-bridal care and treatment. She is one of the great famous makeup artists in Delhi.

Top 10 Famous And Best Makeup Artist In Delhi

  • Bharati Taneja-

    She is the person behind the idea of beauty clinics in India. She invited doctors for the skin treatment of her clients. She is a well-known name in this field. 
  • Vidya Tikari-

    Unlike others, Vidya is a settler in the makeup industry. Her dedication and passion have helped her create masterpieces. Vidya will make you love yourself by harmonizing the makeup in the best way she can. Get ready to explore beauty with Vidya Tikari. 
  • Gunjan Mongia-

    Gunjan’s style is diverse. She can do any kind of makeup for you. Gunjan is known for her work and in Delhi, she is one of the most famous makeup artists. 

Top 10 Famous And Best Makeup Artist In Delhi

  • Shalini Singh-

    Shalini is known for providing a thorough finish to the makeup. She offers the fashion and makeup workshops to groups and herself works as a freelance makeup artist. Her team will help you look the best. 
  • Anchal Kumar-

    Anchal Kumar is one of the most trustworthy names when it comes to makeup, brilliant makeup. Anchal will work on your details and will make you look the best. She is an international makeup artist. She also has records of working with well-known professionals, photographers, models, and celebrities. 
  • Tejasvini Chander-

    The way Tejasvini Chander defines beauty through her techniques is brilliant. Tejasvini Chander was a student of applied science but along with this, she was always fascinated with makeup, beauty, social media, manicures, pedicures, jewelry, etc. Her passion for makeup dragged her into this career. She trained herself at The London College of Fashion and Glauca Rossi School of Makeup. She holds a degree of master's in the art of airbrush makeup from North Hollywood, California. 

Top 10 Famous And Best Makeup Artist In Delhi

I hope this article is helpful while looking for a famous makeup artist in Delhi. 

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Top 10 Famous And Best Makeup Artist In Delhi

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