Graphic Design Tips | 10 Common Designing Mistakes in 2020

Graphic Design Tips | 10 Common Designing Mistakes in 2020


Yes, graphics designing indeed takes a lot of talent and skills and you are not permitted to make any mistake on such a great level where your work will undergo many eyes. But what type of mistakes one should avoid? So here we are telling you about top graphic designing mistakes to avoid as a graphic designer :

1. Not interpreting instruction clearly-

When a client approaches any designer and explains the ideas of their businesses then it is the responsibility of the designer to understand the instructions carefully and understand the idea of what type of work the client is asking for.

2. Inability to think outside of the box-

If you are a designer you should always think out of the box. Try every bizarre idea, experiment with everything and play with ideas as much as you can. You never know which idea will hit success.

3. Using inordinate fonts-

It is good to use creative fonts in your masterpiece but if you use too many fonts in one paragraph or any single design, it will look annoying and it will create a problem for the readers to understand easily.

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4. Filling up space-

It is not necessary to fill all the blank spaces or to use all the fonts. It is more important that you let the design breathe. Sometimes, simplicity can win hearts. Don’t make people confused about the design. It should be simple so that one should not need to overthink to understand what your design is. While designing a logo you are creating the identity of a brand or your client so you should omit mistakes as much as you can and come up with the best logo designs. Your layout should be simple and you should avoid these graphics designing layout errors.

5. Making fascinating promises-

You should always keep this in mind that you do not make such promises to your clients that seem fascinating and amazing and at last you fail to meet those promises.

6. Kerning fonts-

In designing kerning means the adjustment of space between the letters manually or automatically. It is important because sometimes these adjustments make the word look more appealing to the eyes.

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7. Using needless stock images-

Stock images are images that are easily available everywhere on the browser. It is not bad to use these images but using too many stock images will make our design look ordinary and easily recognizable as it is available everywhere.

8. Spelling mistakes-

While doing typography you should always check for the correct spellings. Pay close attention to the piece of work you are creating otherwise it will affect your work in many ways.

9. Grammatical mistakes-

Though you are not a writer but a designer you should always keep this in mind that whatever you are creating will go to many people and everyone is going to read it and these grammar issues will affect your work.

10. Creating designs for yourself-

You never design anything for yourself but the client. So you should stick to the instructions given by the clients and never make changes according to your will. 

So one should omit these mistakes while designing. 

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