Demand For Architects And Interior Designers

Demand For Architects And Interior Designers

Demand for Architects and Interior Designers


“Whatever good things we build end up building us.”

Beautiful buildings, museums, houses, and even the office you work in, who planned, who designed all this? Of course an architect and an interior designer. An architect knows how to make the best use of every corner of your land and interior designers fill the colors of imagination and make the dream come true. As a person, you may have some insane imagination in your mind about any place you want to build. They just help you to put your insane imagination in place and build your dream place be it your house, your office, or anything. Architecture and Interior designer opportunities are growing rapidly. Nowadays there is a huge demand for architects and interior designers or should we say it like this that there is a huge scarcity of interior designers. This industry is growing up with a rate of 20% and we need nearly lakhs of designers in India only. So let us tell you if you're thinking about pursuing it as your career then this is the right time to bloom.  

Let's know more about the demand of architects and interior designers in different sectors and the list of careers in architecture and interior design:

Architects And Interior Designers

Demand in Residential space design

Residential space design includes apartments, homes, farmhouses, etc. Who doesn't want a fancy and beautiful house? People nowadays are hiring designers when they need to build a new house, renovate the old one, want an aging kitchen, and many more. They find it a better way to materialize their idea and a team of skilled people will work better than a single mind. 

Demand in Commercial space design

Commercial space design includes malls, restaurants, hotels, theme parks, department stores, theatres, etc. With the growth of the economy, much commercial space is evolving at a great pace and everybody needs a good designer to design the place. A good place attracts a good audience. So for these people, designers are very important. 

Architects And Interior Designers

Demand in Office/ workplace design

Office/ workplace design includes government buildings and corporate offices. As any other place designers are needed to design workplace and offices as well. The planning and designing of the workplace and offices are different. Many aspects are kept in mind while designing it.  

Demand in Institutional/ public space design

Institutional/ public space design includes hospitals, educational institutions, libraries, museums, airports, etc. Institutional/ public designs are more volatile. It needs to be designed in such a manner that it depicts the purpose of the building. A hospital should not be designed as a school or as a museum. 

Architects And Interior Designers

The demand for architects and interior designers doesn’t end here, the list is long. In the past 10 years, employment for architects and interior designers has grown at a pace of 20% and it is faster than the average of any other occupations. The interest in interior design has increased leading to the increased demand of designers. Architecture opportunities are growing faster regularly. This industry is growing day by day and the future seems bright. This can be an interesting career option. There is no good or bad time to start anything, the time is now. Opt it, rock it!


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Architects And Interior Designers

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