Famous Musical Instruments Names And Information

Famous Musical Instruments Names And Information

Famous Musical Instruments Names And Information:

A moment gets its meaning when it is accompanied by a beautiful song. Music is something that helps you to relax and feel free. Whenever we listen to a song we always try to relate it to the ongoing situation in our life. We have songs for every situation and emotion, whether it is love, envy, grief, or joy, we always have something to listen to. Music is a very important part of our daily life and musical instruments are something that provides it the soul. No song will have meaning if it has no music. So keeping the importance of musical instruments in mind we are going to discuss some of the famous musical instruments used in the music industry to add soul to a song. These are the types of music instruments:


Acoustic Guitar-

This guitar produces sound through the vibration of strings. The sound is produced by plucking with the fingers or with a pick on the string. The string vibrates at a certain frequency and also creates many harmonics. It is one of the famous musical instruments. These guitars are one of the major elements of today’s music. So if you are into playing guitars, the music industry is waiting for you with open arms.  


Bass Guitar-

These guitars are similar in appearance and construction to an electric guitar. It has a long neck, scale length, and four to six strings. It is played with the fingers or thumb, by plucking, popping, tapping, thumping with a plectrum. It is used in traditional music, contemporary classical music, jazz, and jazz fusion. It is often used as a solo instrument in metal, funk, and progressive rock music.



Who doesn’t know about the guitar? It is one of the oldest and most basic instruments in the music world. It usually has six strings. It is played with both hands by strumming with a guitar pick and simultaneously fretting with fingers of the other hand. It is one of the famous musical instruments. Playing guitar seems fascinating in movies or dramas but what about turning this fascinating dream into reality. All you need is passion. You can explore our online music & guitar courses.

Famous Music Instruments


Keyboard instruments are those musical instruments that require a keyboard to play music out of it. It has a lever row that is pressed by the fingers. Piano, organ, electronic keyboards, synthesizers and digital pianos are some of the most common forms of keyboards. Efforts were made to create an instrument that sounds like the piano but lacks its size and weight, therefore electronic pianos were made.



A drum kit is a collection of drums and other percussion instruments. It is played by a single player with drumsticks. It has some feet operating pedals that control the hi-hat cymbal and the beater for the bass drum. The drum kit may be divided into four parts such as breakables(sticks, snare drum, etc), shells(bass drum, toms, etc), extensions, and hardware(drum stands, pedal, etc). The drum is an instrument that gives a living effect to the music so if you love playing drums then what are you waiting for. Your drum is in the list of those instruments that can provide you employment. So it’s time to follow your passion.



A piano was invented in Italy. In old times piano was an instrument for rich and royal families. It is played using a keyboard which is a row of small levers. The person presses these keys with fingers and thumbs to play the instrument. The word piano is a shortened form of pianoforte, the Italian term for the early 1700s versions of the instrument. Modern pianos have two basic configurations, the grand piano, and the upright piano, with various styles of each. 



The violin has a wide variety of musical genres. They are important in the western classical tradition and as solo instruments and in folk music. It is one of the famous musical instruments. Further, the violin has come to be played in many non-Western music cultures, including Indian music and Iranian music. 

music instruments name & information


The saxophone is woodwind instruments. It is made up of brass and it is played with a single-reed mouthpiece. It has holes in it which player closes using a system of key mechanisms. It is used in classical music, orchestras, marching bands. It is not a common instrument among people as a hobby. 



The flute is a reedless wind instrument that produces sound from the flow of air across an opening. The flute is one of the oldest musical instruments and who hereby does not know about the flute. From ancient times till today there came many changes in the appearance of flute but the melody of its music is still the same. It is one of those instruments which is used in the music industry for a long time. If followed as passion it can make you the best fluter from the crowd. 

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Sitar is a very common instrument used in Hindustani classical music. It has a significant place in Indian history. It was used for the entertainment of kings and queens in their court. The sitar undergoes many changes from the 16th to the 18th century. In appearance, it looks like tempura. Sitar became popular worldwide through the works of Ravi Shankar. It is used as the main instrument in the Indian music industry even today. 



It is also a stringed instrument, which means it has a string to play and produce sound. It is mainly used in Hindustani music. It is among the most popular and prominent instruments. It has a deep, weighty, and introspective sound. The strings of sarod are made up of steel or phosphor bronze and it is played with a triangular plectrum made of polished coconut shell, ebony or other such material. 



Tabla originated from the Indian subcontinent. It consists of a pair of drums that are used in folk, classical and traditional music. Not only in India but it is also used in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. It is one of the famous musical instruments. Tabla has two barrel-shaped small drums of different sizes. It has certain diameters to play. I never knew about these diameters, the tabla is amazing in some ways. 



It is a barrel-shaped, two-headed drum used in India from ancient times. It is also called Mridang. The Pakhawaj is tuned like the tabla, with wooden wedges that are placed under the tautening straps. It is used in classical, traditional and folk music. Wherever it is played its rhythms are taught by a series of mnemonic syllables, or we can say bol. I am sure everyone must have seen a pakhawaj and its use in traditional, classical, and folk songs. 



It is also an Indian classical instrument. It is also known as the pump organ, reed organ, or melodeon. It produces sound when air is blown through reeds which are tuned to different pitches to make musical notes. Do you know harmonium can be made to work using feet too? Yes, in a foot-pumped harmonium, the player presses two pedals with his/her feet, one at a time. Along with India, it is used in Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and in other Asian countries. It still plays its part in Sufi music, bhajan, qawwali, and a variety of genres. 



It is an Indo-Persian string musical instrument. It has seventy-two strings. It is the national musical instrument of Iran. An instrument of this type was used in Mesopotamia and Babylonia. Its framework is made up of walnut or maple wood. Players use the hands and face of the palm to create a variety of intones. 



It is also a stringed musical instrument, played with a pick or plectrum. It has four, five, and six courses of metal string. The three common styles of the mandolin are the Neapolitan mandolin, the carved-top mandolin, and the flat-backed mandolin.  Each style of instrument has its sound quality and is associated with particular forms of music. 


Mouth organ-

It is any free-reed aerophone, it has one or more air chambers fitted with a free reed. Musicians play this instrument by placing their lips over a chamber and blowing and sucking air to create a sound. It is known by different names in different places in the world.


Jal Tarang-

As the name suggests it is an instrument that has something to do with water(JAL). This is something you can create at home by putting water in some bowls and using a striker to produce the tones and music. Earlier metal bowls were used but today only porcelain bowls are used by the artists. They use 16 bowls of two different sizes to produce sound according to the octaves. The volume of water in the bowl decides the pitch. It is a strange yet unique type of instrument.



It is a cylindrical tube type instrument with a cylindrical bore and a flared bell. Single reed is used in clarinet to produce sound. A clarinetist is a person who plays the clarinet. The Clarinet is used in many genres of music including classical music and jazz. It is one of many instruments which is used to make music these days. 



You must have seen this instrument in many movies. People holding it in hands and playing it so easily as if it’s a child’s play. The instrument itself seems very smooth even in appearance. It is a box-shaped musical instrument with a squeezebox body that is operated by squeezing in and drawing out. A person who plays the accordion is known as an accordionist. 


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