Understanding How Film Industry Works And How One Can Earn In Film Industry

Understanding How Film Industry Works And How One Can Earn In Film Industry

Understanding how the film industry works and how does the film industry makes money:

A film is not just a video of 3 hours or a story of the characters you see on screen but a hard work of years and many people involved on-screen and off-screen. The film industry is a world in itself and this world is as vast as yours. If you are willing to enter this industry then you should surely understand this industry through and through. Let's get into the guide to understand how the film industry works. 

In this article, we have divided the industry into three major categories i.e the film production, factors, and people involved and how does the film industry makes money.  

 how does the film industry work

#Film production

Film production is the process of making a film and the making of the film takes a lot more than actors. The following are the stages of film production. 


Development is the first stage of film production where all the basic yet important tasks are performed. The development includes scriptwriting, idea generation, legal rights, financing, etc. 


As the name suggests, everything that is done before the production period falls into this category. Mainly selection and setting up of the set, film cast or film crew hiring and all the arrangements and preparation for the shot.  


This is the stage when recording starts and some raw footage is collected according to the shoot. There can be numerous videos waiting for further editing. 


#Principal photography

It is that stage of film production where a movie is filmed in bulk with actors on set and camera rolling. It is the most expensive stage as it includes the salary of the crew and actors and also the expenses for the props. No financer can take their money back if the principal photography has already begun. It is done after pre-production and before post-production. You can say that in principal photography a movie is filmed. Fundamentals of photography are a very essential part of filmmaking



You all must have heard this term “wrap”. This is used right after the principal photography is done and to indicate that the movie is ready to go to post-production. There is a culture of throwing the wrap up party for the cast and crew in the movie.  


Post-production is the main and very important stage of film production. This involves all kinds of audio, video editing that is required to make the finished and final product. In the world of entertainment, it is said that a film is made on the editor’s table and we hope you understand why it is said like this. 


This stage means the distribution of the finalized film, marketing of the film, and screening of the movie or release of the movie. 


Your movie undergoes these stages before coming to your screen.  


#Factors and people involved

We all are aware of the fact that a movie is the result of the hard work of many people. So here we will discuss some of the factors and people involved in the process of movie-making or the job roles in the film industry.  


Can we say that they are the backbone of a movie because no script means no movie. The scriptwriter is the person who writes the script of a movie. The script is one of those factors that makes a movie a blockbuster.  


A producer is responsible for all the financial and managerial activities involved in the process of filmmaking. 


#Distribution company

Once a movie is completed the distribution company helps in the distribution of the film in DVD’s form, marketing, and release of the film. A distribution company always knows the budget and they sometimes see the whole movie before it is released. It is amazing, isn’t it?


Understand it this way, this is the movie theatres who decide which distributer’s movie they will show. For example, if two movies are released on the same day, cinema decides the distributor’s movie they want to show. 


They are the mediators who make the two-party meet. There are agents on every stage be it the sales agent, talent agents, etc. They are also the people who bring scripts to the actors. 


#Assistant makeup supervisor

Their work is to keep checking the needs of makeup artists. Makeup artists are their priority. 

#Talent agent assistant

The very first thing we will like to tell you about this is a degree is a must for this profile. Any degree will do if you understand the work and its culture. And now the work, they assist the agents and the casting couch to select the right candidates. They check and maintain the portfolios of aspiring actors, models, and actresses. 

#Film editor

Can we say they are the real filmmakers? Whatever you see on the big screen is their work. Aren’t they simply amazing? They put all the amazing shots, audios, and other VFX and edits in the right place and give such an astonishing output. Check out the courses for film editors: Online Filmmaking Courses  

#Music composer

Yes! They bring the refreshment in the movie. They compose melodies that will stay in your mind for years.


Screenwriters put life in the script with their imagination. If you are willing to see your imagination on big screens, start working on it. Some screenwriters hold a degree as well. 


They help in overseeing the camera work and also directs photography. They are the people behind the camera that has the main and the most important role in the film-making process. 

These are the job roles in the film industry. If you’re thinking about making a career in this industry, go ahead!

How does the film industry make money:

If you’re thinking about how one can earn in the film industry then you should know that there are several job profiles in the film industry, from a scriptwriter to a cameraman, from a stuntman to the actor or actress and each of them earns accordingly. But here let’s discuss a little about the money-making of the film industry. Apart from this film industry make money through ticket price revenue, foreign sales, movie budgets and costs, television rights, streaming, and VOD. 



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how does the film industry work


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