Job Roles And Types Of Journalism

Job Roles And Types Of Journalism



Journalism is the process of collecting data and information on an event and assembling every information in such a precise manner that it can inform the masses in the best possible way. Journalism is the fourth pillar of the constitution after legislature, executive, and judiciary. There are a few types of journalism. A journalist carries numerous responsibilities and plays numerous roles. But why a numerous role and who a journalist is? 

Any person involved in journalism is a journalist and journalism is nothing like a one-man army, it needs people and these are the people involved or job roles in journalism. The types of journalism are as follows:

job roles and types of journalism


A reporter is someone that reports any incident or event, particularly one who reports news or lead interviews for the press or broadcasting media.

Correspondent/Special Reporter

A correspondent is a specialist who contributes reports to a newspaper, or radio or TV news, or another kind of organization, from a remote, frequently inaccessible, area. There are different types of correspondents. These are capitol correspondent, legal/justice correspondent, red carpet correspondent, foreign correspondent, war correspondent. 

Feature Writer

An individual who composes feature articles for a paper or magazine. The feature article is the main story in the magazine that centers around a unique event, person, or place in extraordinary detail.

types of journalism

Specialist Writer

A specialist writer is in charge of a specific area of writing. They are responsible for any kind of piece of advice related to writing. 

Leader Writer

A leader-writer is a senior writer who is responsible for composing the paper's article in case the editor is not available or in situations where the proofreader decides not to compose. Some significant papers have various leader writers. Leader writers also play the role of a columnist in their papers. Outside the UK, Leader writers are known as editorial writers.

Proof Reader

A proofreader is a person who does proofreading. Proofreading is the process of reading any piece of writing or electronic copy to find out the mistakes of text, arts, etc. 


An individual who is accountable for and decides the last and final content of a paper, magazine, or multi-writer book.

job roles and types of journalism

Sub Editors

A sub-editor is an individual whose activity is to check and address articles in papers or magazines before they are printed.

News Editor

An individual who is responsible for the news work area at a paper or broadcasting association and whose activity is to supervise the determination and readiness of news things for broadcasting. 


Columnist somebody who composes an article for a paper or magazine regularly. 

Content Developer

A content developer is an essayist that is engaged with the creation, improvement and altering of content for different online marketing activities. 


A photojournalist is someone who does journalism with the picture and photo he takes. He/she creates news stories out of photos. Also, you can check some cool photography courses for Photojournalist at

job roles in journalism


A translator is someone who knows different languages and can explain and write it easily. You can check out Which Foreign Languages That Are In Demand


It is very easy to know who a cartoonist is. Someone who draws cartoons but in journalism cartoonists depicts political and many other issues with their cartoons. 


Researchers in journalism work on the completeness, accuracy, and other aspects of an incidence or a news article. 


Also known as the anchors. They present news on the screen or the radio. 

Digital Media Journalist

Digital media journalists are involved in online journalism where they distribute different editorial content via the internet. To become a professional digital media journalist you should know about a little digital marketing career path.

career in journalism

Camera Manager

They are responsible for all kinds of camera work. 

Creative Designer

Creative designers are responsible for the creation of various materials like brochures to provide the company’s information. They work in the marketing and advertising area. Read more to know how to become a creative designer.   


As we all know, the producer is responsible for the production of any bulletin or program. 

So, there is clarity on the types of journalism that are available after pursuing the course. 

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