Macro Photography Ideas - FREE Photography Tips

Macro Photography Ideas - FREE Photography Tips

Macro Photography Ideas and Tips for Photography


Macro photography ideas or close up photography allows us to capture the size of any living organism greater than its life-size. Isn’t it an amazing feature of photography? Photography is full of wonder at every step. But creating an image is not easy. It takes a lot of practice and creativity to produce a single image. When it comes to macro photography it takes a lot of knowledge and tips to produce the image. Here are some basic tips about macro photography ideas:


These macro photography ideas and macro photography tips are:


Choosing lens-

In any kind of photography, it is very important to choose the correct lens type so that you can get the desired image. Similarly, in macro photography, you need a macro lens that will help you to get the best output. Macro lenses are the best lenses for macro photography. 


Selecting location and weather- 

A correct location and weather are a must in photography. Suppose you are thinking of macro photography and you end up in a photo studio, so, this will be the greatest blunder you can make. Any outdoor location will be helpful and check the weather before leaving for the shoot. This is one of the most important macro photography ideas. 

macro photography ideas 


You might be wondering what is the use of flash in macro photography, but let me tell you the problem of light falloff is very common in this genre of photography. When you magnify the object the light decreases and it makes shooting in natural light difficult at times. Using a flash provides the best lighting for macro photography that will help you in photography. You can learn using Flash through online photography classes.


Using diffuser-  

Diffusers are used to make the source of light softer. When we use a flash in macro photography diffusers help us to soften the light from an on-camera flash.


Correct shutter speed- 

Correct shutter speed will help you to achieve a sharp image of your subject. Your shutter speed has to be inverse of focal length or shorter or say at least 1/100th of a second. 


Focus subject-

Focusing the subject is very important in any kind of macro photography you should keep the focus in mind that which part of the creature’s body you are focusing on.


Focal plane-

The plane passing through the focus of a lens is the focal plane. It is important to check the focal plane. The focal plane tells about the important elements of the photograph.

macro photography tips


An angle is a major factor that helps you obtain a great image. Selecting a correct angle is a must in photography.



Magnification is basically the relation of the size of the subject in focus and subject’s size in reality. Suppose we are photographing a 10cm long lizard but its projection on the sensor is 2cm, it means there is a difference in real-life object and it’s an image on the sensor. This is magnification. So you need to select the correct magnification to obtain a relevant image.


Sharp objects-

At last, always remember to keep the sharp objects away from your lens as it can harm your camera lens. 

These were some macro photography ideas that you should keep in mind. These are really basic and common tips that will surely help you to get the best image. 


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