Which Foreign Languages That Are In Demand In India

Which Foreign Languages That Are In Demand In India


Which foreign language is in demand in India?

Learning a new language education can change any human being’s life by introducing him/her with the new world of opportunities. Today, in the world of ‘Globalization’, the whole world is connected in many ways. People from one country take a deep interest in understanding the cultures of other countries. People’s curiosity to know other cultures of the world connects them with their lifestyle, foods, and languages in a different manner. 

If we talk about the business world, then we see today that many people in India prefer to get employed in their dream places. This is the major reason for the increasing demand for a career in foreign languages in our country. The business organization, established in some specific countries demands the people who are familiar with the native language of that country. In India, according to career, living and emotional preferences, people make choices to learn any foreign language.

Next, we will discuss which foreign language is in demand in India and which foreign language is highly paid in India.

Which Foreign Languages That Are In Demand In India

   (1) French:

 French is considered one of the most popular foreign languages in India. More than 1 lakh students are studying this language as their course curriculum only in Delhi/NCR as there are many languages and personality development institutes in Delhi. The major reason for using french language as a course curriculum is the career opportunities available worldwide after learning this language. Many Multinational companies hire people from India as their employees have French as their official working language. That is why they recruit people only to have French-speaking skills from India. 

There are more than 30 French-speaking countries in the entire world. The other interesting fact is that this language is widely spoken across 5 different continents. The French language is considered the second most studied language in the entire world after English. This makes this language important not only in our country but in every corner of the world to consider a career in the foreign language.

    (2) Spanish : 

The Spanish language is one of the top three studied foreign languages in India. One of the major reasons behind the increased popularity of Spanish in our country is love for Spanish football, Spanish movies, and music. A large population of our country has their favorite as Spanish footballers, Spanish movies, and music. Besides these facts, most of the Spanish speaking countries are very popular tourist destinations that help in spreading the popularity of this language across the world.

Spanish is considered the official language in 20 countries across the world. At the same time, this language is the second most popular language in the USA after English. Job opportunities are available related to this language in sectors like Travel & Tourism, Foreign Services, Language Teaching, journalism, etc across the world, especially in India. So, if you have an interest in this language, join the Spanish course in any foreign language institute as there are lots of options available across the country.

Which Foreign Languages That Are In Demand In India

    (3) German : 

Though the German language is not so popular worldwide like French, Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese, in India, this language is considered as one of the top languages to consider a career in the foreign language. In our country, German is the part of the academic curriculum in almost 500 schools and colleges and also this language is studied in more than 250 Kendriya Vidyalayas across the country. 

German is one of the oldest studied foreign languages in India with French. The first German lesson in India was initiated in Pune and Mumbai in 1914. Now, this language is the most spoken native language in Europe. It is the official language in countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc. Germany has its industrial advantage as many of the top companies in the world such as Volkswagen, BASF, Daimer, BMW, Bosch, Siemens, etc. are German. Besides this, many German universities are among the top universities in the world. These facts make this language popular among the Indians. So, if you have any plan to move to Germany, Austria, or any country, start seeking any institute or tutor to make this beautiful language your own. There are many foreign language institutes in Delhi where you can study this language.

   (4) Japanese :

Japanese is considered the most popular choice among East Asian foreign languages in India. The major reason behind this is the growing relationship between India and Japan. Many Japanese companies like to hire their employees from India as India is one of the largest investment markets for Japanese companies. This makes the Japanese language a highly paid foreign language in India. This is the reason why the Indian youth population is taking an interest in learning this language. 

According to the popularity and career opportunity, if you are looking for a successful and highly paid career in a foreign language, Japanese is one of the best choices for you. Though Japanese is considered difficult to learn, yet it is the highest-paid foreign language for Indians.

Which Foreign Languages That Are In Demand In India

  (5) Mandarin Chinese :

Though Mandarin Chinese is not so popular in India, there are more than a billion people in the world who speak Chinese. In the current century, the Chinese economy has a huge impact on the world economy. We can see the effect of that as a vast career option is available in Chinese multinational companies. Top Chinese companies across the world prefer to hire speakers that make this language more important for Indians. 

Based on these facts, you can go for Mandarin Chinese as your foreign language interest. Learning this language can create new opportunities for your future career.

The question of which foreign language is highly paid in India is clear and the answer is,  Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, and Korean.    

Which Foreign Languages That Are In Demand In India

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