Indian Classical Music - Live Class

A Shot out to all the Music Lovers!! Qlasses offers you a 2-hour workshop on the Hindustani Classical Music.

Key Highlights

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A Shot out to all the Music Lovers!! Qlasses offers you a 2-hour workshop on the Hindustani Classical Music.

What you’ll learn
  • You will be acquainted with the world of Indian Classical Music in these online music classes.
  • You will likewise be made aware of the schedule of practicing you should follow regularly.
  • You will be introduced to the concepts of Indian Classical Music that will include: • Notes • Taal • Thaat
Pre Requisites
  • A Laptop with Good Internet Connection.
  • Anyone who wants to get into the world of Music can join.
Softwares Used
  • NA

About the Online Workshop

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What would be taught in this live class?

You will learn the basics of Hindustani Vocal music and how can you improve your singing using the tricks of vocal music. 

Training the vocal chords is as important as learning about any music style.

You will also be taught how can you practise/riyaaz daily to train yourself to sing better.


What is Indian Classical Music?

Indian classical style music is the old-style music of the Indian subcontinent. It has two significant customs: the North Indian old-style

music convention is called Hindustani, while the South Indian articulation is called Carnatic. However, the two frameworks keep on

having more typical highlights than contrasts.


Why should you learn Hindustani Classical Music?

You will have the option to sing any tune with appropriate taal and documentations You will have the option to work on adhering to the

essential principles of music You will learn taal, Raag, light Indian Classical Music You will figure out how to sing with percussion

instruments You will have the option to record your voice with karaoke music


Why Live Online Hindustani Classical Music Workshop?

Learning from home Easy and smooth Access & Comfortable No travel cost and time-saving Virtual class


Workshop Slots

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Date Time

How will you join the online live class?

The online live class is conducted through our inbuilt live virtual classroom. You will get an E-mail notification to join the event 20 minutes prior to the start time.

  • check Join from anywhere, No need to travel
  • check Lesser number of participants
  • check Easy and Smooth Access & Joining

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