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Introduction of Qlasses.com: 

Qlasses.com is a portal that gives online live classes in the creative fields through virtual classrooms. The courses are related to photography, music, fitness, digital marketing, musical instrument, design, fashion, media, and animation. The classes are held through the live session, as per the preferred time of the student. The classes are conducted in a group or individually as well. 


Our mission is to provide an opportunity for everybody to explore their creative skills and improve them. You can revolve and think out of the box to write about creative fields.

Why write for us/ Benefit for posting:

You will be able to think in a broader aspect and work on self-improvement in writing articles on creative fields. You will be more productive as you can enhance your skills in writing this. As you write, you brainstorm and it helps in a generating a lot of ideas which will help you to use more of your brain. The amount of learning would be enormous. You will have the advantage of pinning down your ideas and giving them a shape that is accepted by the audience.

What kind of content do we publish:

We publish the content related to any creative skill from the following areas:


Categories description:

Photography: We're constantly keen on teaming up with writers and photographers who have a one of a kind perspective, encounter, or system they'd prefer to impart to our consistently developing network of photographers. In case you're an expert writer or a photographer we would like to hear from you. 

Languages: We are always willing to enthusiasts who have an insight into different languages. You can write blogs for us related to different languages like French, Spanish, German, and others as well. We would love to get a notification from you.

Music and instruments: The blogs, articles, and posts are related to music and musical instruments. We welcome all the musicians and writers who are willing to write for us from the music background and want to enhance their skills.

Fitness: We have a space for those who are interested in fitness. You can write everything about fitness and health to expand your knowledge in the respective field. We are always welcoming new ideas from your side. 

Digital marketing: Digital marketing is the new trend to grow your business on the internet. This platform provides a boost to many entrepreneurs. We are always willing to join our hands with the writers and digital marketers who want to pin up their ideas in this field. We are waiting to hear from you. 

Personality Development: Everyone needs to work on his/her personality. Blogs and posts related to personality development  are sought after by many. We will be accepting blogs which will be helping people improve any part of their personality


Example of post catchy titles:

You must ensure that you give a catchy title to your article, blog, or post to engage the audience and to grab their attention to read it. A few examples are:





Charge for posting:

We do not charge any amount for posting the articles.


What we do not accept/ Restrictions:


While we have made efforts to guarantee that the data we have given is precise and accurate, we can't acknowledge any obligation or risk for any mistakes or errors. Visit the sites of third-party at your own risk. This article doesn't establish legal knowledge. We are also not responsible for any copyright infringement in the articles submitted by guest authors.