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About Us

Qlasses.com is an online destination where learning comes before everything. This platform is crafted with ❤ for those who love to enhance their skills, but do not like the non-interactivity of video courses.

Our story is simple. We found online learning from video lessons to be insufficient without the human interaction and the "DOING" attitude. We reached out to a lot of students who wanted to learn online and scrolled through a lot of research papers. This was all already taking place, then COVID happened 😣 and the online learning marketplace got a boost. Now, everyone was interested in Live Classes. However, the organization and the appropriate tools were missing... We created them, for you.


Our Pillars & Values

We call them the IPCF Principle

Interactive Teaching

The first step to any new journey is learning. You can learn any new skill through a teacher or a video lesson. Qlasses mixes these 2 modes of learning and brings to you all the instructor who teach you through instructor-led online classes.

Practical Learning

Learning is incomplete without practical implementation. Benjamin Franklin says, "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn". We follow this principle dearly and implement it using online tests, assignments, case studies, interview questions.

Community Building

What fun is learning without a peer-group to ask questions from? It is about establishing a collaborative professional learning community.

Feedback Loop

Feedback is essential because we all make mistakes. Constructive feedback can push the student in the right direction. It is accomplished using our thoroughly assigned grading system. You are not going to get that certificate if you d'ont learn. It is like sharpening your axe for that final career growth.

Know the Team

“Neha Chitkara Sharma, co-founder of Qlasses, is a thorough techie who heads the development of the product. It is difficult to take laptop from her, she never leaves it. She loves to spend her time reading and learning new skills.”


Neha Chitkara Sharma

“Harshit B. Sharma, co-founder of Qlasses, is a man of words. You will usually find him finding flaws in product 😜. Marketing and Communications is also his battlefield. He now has learnt how to create good graphics, finally! ”


Harshit B. Sharma

“Mukesh Chitkara, an advisor of Qlasses, is an author of 25 Music, Art Books. He loves writing and plays awesome piano. Whenever he is there, the environment of the office is just like home..”


Mukesh Chitkara

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