Beginners After Effect Basics Course, Live Class, Tuitions

Beginners After Effect Basics Course, Live Class, Tutorials

After Effects: Foundation Course

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About the Live Classes
After Effects CC software, lets you deliver cinematic visual effects and motion graphics faster than ever before.

What you’ll learn
  • This Course with let you deliver cinematic visual effects and motion graphics.
Pre Requisites
  • Student should have practical working knowledge MAC OS X
Softwares Used
  • After Effects CC
Who Should Join
  • Beginners in After Effects

Class Content

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  • Module 1: Fundamentals Of Motion Graphics keyboard_arrow_down
      • RGB Color Model
      • Frame size
      • Resolution
      • Pixel aspect ratio
      • Alpha channels
      • Frame rate
      • Time code
      • Interpreting footage
  • Module 2: Getting To Know The Workflow keyboard_arrow_down
      • About the After Effects work area
      • Creating a project and importing footage
      • Creating a composition and arranging layers
      • About layers
      • Adding effects and modifying layer properties
      • Animating the composition
      • About the Tools panel
      • About timecode and duration
      • About the Timeline panel
      • Precomposing
      • Previewing your work
      • Optimizing performance in After Effects
      • Rendering and exporting your composition
      • Customizing workspaces
      • Controlling the brightness of the user interface
      • Finding resources for using After Effects
  • Module 3: Creating A Basic Animation Using Effects And Presets keyboard_arrow_down
      • Importing footage using Adobe Bridge
      • Creating a new composition
      • Importing video clips
      • Importing a sequence of stills -Importing multilayered photoshop and illustrator files
      • Pan Behind tool for layers
      • Creating a new composition
      • Applying effects to a layer
      • Applying and controlling effects
      • Applying an animation preset
      • Changing parameters globally
      • Creating keyframes
      • Temporal and spatial Interpolation
      • Roving in time for spatial properties
      • Previewing the effects
      • Adding transparency
      • Rendering the composition
  • Module 4: Animating Text keyboard_arrow_down
      • About text layers
      • Installing a font using Typekit
      • Creating and formatting point text
      • Creating and formatting paragraph text
      • Using a text animation preset
      • Animating with scale keyframes
      • Animating imported Photoshop text
      • Animating type tracking
      • Animating text opacity
      • Using a text animator group
      • About text animator groups
      • Animating a layer's position
      • Animating a range
      • Adding motion blur
  • Module 5: Working With Shape Layers keyboard_arrow_down
      • Adding a shape layer
      • Creating custom shapes
      • Creating stars
      • Default properties of shape layers
      • Add properties
      • Creating Groups
      • Stack your shapes & properties
  • Module 6: Animating Multimedia Presentation keyboard_arrow_down
      • Using Creative Cloud Libraries in After Effects
      • Adjusting anchor points
      • Parenting layers
      • Precomposing layers
      • Keyframing a motion path
      • Animating additional elements
      • Applying an effect
      • About solid-color layers
      • Animating precomposed layers
      • Animating the background
      • Adding an audio track
      • Supported audio file formats
  • Module 7: Working With Masks keyboard_arrow_down
      • About masks
      • Creating a mask with the Pen tool
      • Editing a mask
      • About mask modes
      • Creating a Bezier mask
      • Feathering the edges of a mask
      • Replacing the content of the mask
      • Using masks from Illustrator and Photoshop
      • Masks for spatial keyframes
      • Pan Behind tool for masks
      • Zooming and panning by touch
      • Adding a reflection
      • Creating a vignette
      • Using the Rectangle and Ellipse tools
      • Adjusting the timing
      • Tips for creating masks
      • Trimming the work area
  • Module 8: Distorting Objects With The Puppet Tools keyboard_arrow_down
      • About the Puppet tools
      • Adding Deform pins
      • Defining areas of overlap
      • Stiffening an area
      • Animating pin positions
      • Squash and stretch
      • Recording animation
      • Act it out with Adobe Character Animator
  • Module 9: Other Effects keyboard_arrow_down
      • Time remapping
      • Motion sketch
      • The smoother
      • The wiggler
      • Auto orient
      • Splitting a layer
      • Adjustment layers
      • Time remapping
  • Module 10: Rendering And Outputting keyboard_arrow_down
      • Creating templates for the Render Queue
      • About compression
      • Exporting using the Render Queue
      • Preparing movies for mobile devices
      • Rendering movies with Adobe Media Encoder
      • Preparing a movie for broadcast output
  • Practical Assignment keyboard_arrow_down

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