Learn Filmmaking Courses Online, LIVE Classes, Training

Learn Filmmaking Courses Online, LIVE Classes, Training

Filmmaking Essentials

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Class Content

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  • Module 1: Introduction To Film Making keyboard_arrow_down
      • Understand the essentials of filmmaking along with filmmaking stages
      • Understanding basic terminologies and prepping up for the course
  • Module 2: Understanding Direction keyboard_arrow_down
      • Role of a contemporary director, screen grammar, spatial
      connections, temporal connections, 
      • Mise-en-scene,
      • Visual analysis of feature films and its various attributes,
      • Type of shot taking,
      • Understanding color,
  • Module 3: Cinematography - Basics & Ediitng keyboard_arrow_down
      •  Principles of Cinematography, and the Imaging Device, How to use a DSLR Camera,
      •  Principles of Editing, and the process,
      •  Optics & Lensing – How to use it, it’s application
      •  Study with reference of shots and film,
      • Understanding Lighting and Camera Angles
      • Art & Visual culture: Film Aesthetics &
      Cinematographic Techniques
      • Long Take Uses Creative Camera Work to
      Control the Audience
      • Cinematography to manipulate audience
      • The Art of Framing
      • Film VS Digital
      • The Art of Light & Shadow
  • Module 4: Case Studies On Films keyboard_arrow_down
      • Study of the shots
      •  Analyzing the direction and the cinematography
  • Module 5: Fundamentals of Screenwriting keyboard_arrow_down
      • Basic screenplay writing, screenplay formats, narrative
      • Three act structure, hero’s journey, myth and archetypes.
      • Observation from film with reference and example,
      • Know Your Genre
      • Character, challenge, and change,
      • Understanding perspective; grasping the essentials to draw perspective drawings,
      • Prewriting
      • Loglines
      • Writing a Screenplay Treatment
  • Module 6 : Video Editing & Digital Nonlinear Editing Systems keyboard_arrow_down
      • How to use the Editing software, [Introduction To Digital Nonlinear Editing Systems],
      • Spatial & Temporal Continuity, Montage – type, style, application, pattern recognition,
      • Observation from film with reference and example,
      • Premiere Pro Tips for Those Who Don't Want to Learn the Hard Way,
      • Common Editing Mistakes
      • The Kuleshov Effect
      • Editing Theory
      • Digital theory
  • Case Studies Of Editing & Practicals keyboard_arrow_down
      • Study of the sequence
      • Analyzing the editing technique, software skills, key board
      • short cuts, editing line up,

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About the Live Classes
Learn the essentials of filmmaking in this exhaustive course on the nitty gritties of filmmaking. Fall in love with storytelling through the eyes of a filmmaker

What you’ll learn
  • To be able to understand the pillars of filmmaking
  • To able to understand and evaluate filmmaking processes
  • To be able to create a storyline and a vision
  • To be able to do research for the story and work out the script
  • To be able to become adept at budgeting, casting, visualization
  • To be able to develop a filmmaking style and learn cinematography
  • To be able to understand post-production and screening
  • To be able to create a film from scratch
Pre Requisites
  • The student should be having a good quality video camera
  • The student should have knowledge of computers
Softwares Used
  • Digital Nonlinear Editing Systems
Who Should Join
  • Children
  • Adults

Frequently Asked Questions

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