Learn Filmmaking Courses Online, LIVE Classes, Training

Learn Filmmaking Courses Online, LIVE Classes, Training

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About the Live Classes
Learn the essentials of filmmaking in this exhaustive course on the nitty gritties of filmmaking. Fall in love with storytelling through the eyes of a filmmaker

What you’ll learn
  • To be able to understand the pillars of filmmaking
  • To able to understand and evaluate filmmaking processes
  • To be able to create a storyline and a vision
  • To be able to do research for the story and work out the script
  • To be able to become adept at budgeting, casting, visualization
  • To be able to develop a filmmaking style and learn cinematography
  • To be able to understand post-production and screening
  • To be able to create a film from scratch
Pre Requisites
  • The student should be having a good quality video camera
  • The student should have knowledge of computers
Softwares Used
  • Digital Nonlinear Editing Systems
Who Should Join
  • Children
  • Adults

Class Content

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  • Module 1: Introduction To Film Making keyboard_arrow_down
      • Understand the essentials of filmmaking along with filmmaking stages
      • Understanding basic terminologies and prepping up for the course
  • Module 2: Understanding Direction keyboard_arrow_down
      • Role of a contemporary director, screen grammar, spatial
      connections, temporal connections, 
      • Mise-en-scene,
      • Visual analysis of feature films and its various attributes,
      • Type of shot taking,
      • Understanding color,
  • Module 3: Cinematography - Basics & Ediitng keyboard_arrow_down
      •  Principles of Cinematography, and the Imaging Device, How to use a DSLR Camera,
      •  Principles of Editing, and the process,
      •  Optics & Lensing – How to use it, it’s application
      •  Study with reference of shots and film,
      • Understanding Lighting and Camera Angles
      • Art & Visual culture: Film Aesthetics &
      Cinematographic Techniques
      • Long Take Uses Creative Camera Work to
      Control the Audience
      • Cinematography to manipulate audience
      • The Art of Framing
      • Film VS Digital
      • The Art of Light & Shadow
  • Module 4: Case Studies On Films keyboard_arrow_down
      • Study of the shots
      •  Analyzing the direction and the cinematography
  • Module 5: Fundamentals of Screenwriting keyboard_arrow_down
      • Basic screenplay writing, screenplay formats, narrative
      • Three act structure, hero’s journey, myth and archetypes.
      • Observation from film with reference and example,
      • Know Your Genre
      • Character, challenge, and change,
      • Understanding perspective; grasping the essentials to draw perspective drawings,
      • Prewriting
      • Loglines
      • Writing a Screenplay Treatment
  • Module 6 : Video Editing & Digital Nonlinear Editing Systems keyboard_arrow_down
      • How to use the Editing software, [Introduction To Digital Nonlinear Editing Systems],
      • Spatial & Temporal Continuity, Montage – type, style, application, pattern recognition,
      • Observation from film with reference and example,
      • Premiere Pro Tips for Those Who Don't Want to Learn the Hard Way,
      • Common Editing Mistakes
      • The Kuleshov Effect
      • Editing Theory
      • Digital theory
  • Case Studies Of Editing & Practicals keyboard_arrow_down
      • Study of the sequence
      • Analyzing the editing technique, software skills, key board
      • short cuts, editing line up,

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What other students turned professionals have to say about us after learning with us and reaching their goals.

Will yes i'm learning such good stuff till now, I'm very excited to learn what's next

Nimish Bangera

star star star star

I enjoyed the course throughout and it's really good for a budding filmmaker. The classes were short and precise and one doesn't lose the momentum anywhere.


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