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Filmmaking Essentials

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Key Highlights

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Learn the essentials of filmmaking in this exhaustive course on the nitty gritties of filmmaking. Fall in love with storytelling through the eyes of a filmmaker

What you’ll learn
  • To be able to understand the pillars of filmmaking
  • To able to understand and evaluate filmmaking processes
  • To be able to create a storyline and a vision
  • To be able to do research for the story and work out the script
  • To be able to become adept at budgeting, casting, visualization
  • To be able to develop a filmmaking style and learn cinematography
  • To be able to understand post-production and screening
  • To be able to create a film from scratch
Pre Requisites
  • The student should be having a good quality video camera
  • The student should have knowledge of computers
Softwares Used
  • Digital Nonlinear Editing Systems

Course Modules

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  • Module 1: Introduction To Film Making keyboard_arrow_down
  • Module 2: Understanding Direction keyboard_arrow_down
  • Module 3: Cinematography - Basics & Ediitng keyboard_arrow_down
  • Module 4: Case Studies On Films keyboard_arrow_down
  • Module 5: Fundamentals of Screenwriting keyboard_arrow_down
  • Module 6 : Video Editing & Digital Nonlinear Editing Systems keyboard_arrow_down
  • Case Studies Of Editing & Practicals keyboard_arrow_down


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