How to Become an Interior Designer After 12th | Qlasses

How to Become an Interior Designer After 12th | Qlasses

Summary to become an interior designer

Interior designers have a pivotal part in building a home. This article focuses on how to become an interior designer after 12th.


Interior designing is an amazing field to work in. The creative work along with hard-work makes this profession one of the best for all those people who want love to create something new. Many people believe that interior designing is mere putting some punchy colours on the walls or arrangement of the elements.

However, the truth is that an interior designer has to create the interiors as per the mood of the client. Understanding their requirement and vision and then converting their vision to reality is what an interior designer does. Nowadays, the demand for interior designers is growing rapidly and people want to work in this profession. Similar to every profession, there are plenty of skills required for an interior designer. If you want to know about entering this profession, then here is a quick guide on how to become an interior designer after 12th.

#1 What in Interior Designing?

Legions of people confuse interior designing with interior decoration. As you will be entering in this profession, you should know all about what does an interior decorator do and what a designer does. Interior decoration is adding décor to the home whereas interior designing is more about the art and science behind human behaviour and provide them with the designs accordingly. Interior designers create the spaces in the property as per the aesthetics and the requirements of the client.

#2 Study Interior Design

Without a doubt, studying can provide knowledge of a profession that nothing else can. Before you step in professional life, you should attain an interior design degree to know all about the profession. Several courses are available specifically focused on the techniques and concepts of interior designing. Interior designing is a vast field with a difference is specialisations. Some of the fields may require you to learn subjects in the interior designing course while others may not even require a degree. It all depends on your specialization but getting a degree is recommended to know the profession.

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#3 Upgrade your Skills

Every profession requires special skills. Having better skills means better interior designer salary. Every individual should put special focus on enhancing their skills so that they can stand out from others. An interior designer should have a high creative intellect to create something unique and visually appealing. In addition to that, they should be able to utilize the space effectively so that more work can be done, and space gets used fully. The technical skills will allow you to follow the building regulations and safety of the people.

Communication skill is something that every designer should have so that they can elaborate their vision to others. Being the interior designer means that you will be the head of the project. You should be able to manage the project along with the team that you carry and that can only be done when you have managerial skills.

#4 Start a Business

Interior design career opportunities are many but majorly people either prefer to get a job or start their own business. All those people who are confident in their skills and networking should surely go for starting a business. The returns may not be high in the beginning, but it surely provides a high interior designer salary in the long run. Find out your target audience and develop your ideas as per their requirements. Always remember that you may have the knowledge and taste, but it is a responsibility to provide what the client wants rather than what they should have. If they have eyes on a specific design, then you should surely provide them with the same.

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#5 Design a Portfolio

Not every client knows about the designer personally. The only ways that they will get to know about your work is either by someone’s reference or by the portfolio that you have created. No matter whether you are just out of your institute or has years of experience, having a portfolio is extremely essential. It should showcase your work in the form of photos, sketches, or any other material of your wok. Showing your best work will impress the client and keep their expectations high. Make sure that the photographs or video that you show are from a high-quality camera or else they could do more damage than good.

With the above guide, you have the answer of how to become an interior designer after 12th. Becoming an interior designer is not a big deal, but you may surely need great creative abilities and an eagerness to create something new.


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