Studio Vs Outdoor Photography 2020 | Pros and Cons

Studio Vs Outdoor Photography 2020 | Pros and Cons

Studio photography vs outdoor photography

Photography is a very unique skill and a wonderful hobby too. Some people pursue this hobby as their profession. Isn’t it exciting to make money from your hobby?  

There are many types of photography. But through the point of space availability, it can be divided into two major types- studio photography and on-location photography and both have its pros and cons. There is always a thing like on-location vs studio photography. Which is the best?

There are pros and cons to studio photography and outdoor photography.

On location, photography means photographing subjects and people in a location. It can involve fashion photography. Whereas studio photography means photographing any subject or person in a photo studio. One has to decide which type is the best according to the project they are working on. There are differences between location and studio photography. Let’s discuss some of them briefly. 

Advantages and pros of location photography 

Some of the advantages of on-location photography or pros. 

  1. One of the major advantages is natural lighting and natural setup. You can create as many setups but natural is the best. 

  2. It is cheaper as compared to large and expensive studios. 

  3. One gets to explore different places to choose photography shoot locations.

  4. It is a great option for low budget photoshoots.

Disadvantages and cons of location photography. 

  1. Weather conditions, traffic, noise, and environment are some issues you cannot control. 

  2. Lack of privacy and security. Anyone can interrupt the photoshoot. 

  3. A sudden change in weather can cause the problem to the shoot and you as well. 

  4. Lack of storage facility. You cannot keep your equipment safe. 

Advantages and pros of Studio photography 

  It is always an advantage to work in an indoor photo studio. Here are some advantages of studio photography. 

  1. You can control the environment easily whether it be noise, light or traffic. 

  2. You can create the set up as per your need and creativity. 

  3. Studio’s availability is much easier. You don’t have to look for new every time. 

  4. Privacy and security are under your control. 

  5. Storage facility for equipment. 

  6. Best shooting is done in small spaces or say studios. 

Disadvantages and cons of studio photography. 

  1. It is always hard to create a natural effect in studio photography. 

  2. You will always have to deal with money and cost issues while shooting in studios. 

So, there were some differences between studio and location photography with its advantages and disadvantages. Both have their importance and need, no one can overtake the other.

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