List of Careers in Photography as a Profession or Hobby 2020

List of Careers in Photography as a Profession or Hobby 2020

List of photography careers

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still”. This quote by Dorothea Lange says it all. Photography is the greatest discovery of all time. From ancient times photographs and symbols were used to retain things for a longer time because a picture is worth a thousand words. There are numerous photography careers.

This modern and developed world is full of photographs on every step. From billboards to a normal selfie, it is all about photographs. Stepping forward in the world of photography we will see the diversions and the vast field that photography provides. Nowadays photographs are as essential as any other basic need.

As we all know there will be no food without a farmer similarly there will be no photography without a photographer. So if you are thinking about photography as a profession and want to know the diverse world of photography then this blog is for you.

Starting from its types, photography careers are: 

Landscape photography

Landscape photography

It is the most popular photography type, as it helps in creating an impact on environmental change. The right light is needed to capture the perfect moment.

Night photography

Night photography

It is a wonderful way to capture the beauty of the night. It requires good knowledge of the use of light, shutter speed and aperture.

Wildlife photography

Wildlife photography

It is a very exigent type of photography. It requires proper technical skills.

Fashion photography

Fashion photography

This type of photography is used to sell something by glamorizing products. It requires the location, lighting, makeup, models and stylist.                                         

Food photography

Food photography

This type of photography is used to tempt customers to buy products. Generally used by hotels and restaurants.

Macro photography

Macro photography

It is a zoom-in type of photography, usually of very small subjects and living organisms.


Micro photography

Microphotography is an art of making photographs reduced to the microscopic scale.

Aerial photography

Aerial photography

As the name suggests, it is a type of photography done from above with the help of a drone camera.

Black and white photography

Black and white photography

It involves clicking pictures and turning it to monochrome.

Composite photography

It features many photographs in a single image. Photos are captured individually and then digitally patched together. Composite photographs can be obtained by photoshop.

Dance photography

Dance photography

It captures the beauty of dance. You need fast shutter speed and a perfect camera angle to capture every movement and posture of a dancer.

Documentary photography

Documentary images provide a better understanding of people or places hiding in plain sight. For instance, taking pictures of poor people on the streets.

Beauty photography

It is similar to fashion photography. It intensifies the beauty of any person or thing.

Nature photography

Capturing the beauty of nature falls under this type of photography. It involves all-natural resources.

Wedding photography

It involves all the pictures of a wedding event, from pre-wedding shoot to reception, it involves all of it. You can take  online classes of Wedding Photography from your home.

Underwater photography

It is the photography done underwater for capturing underwater things and organisms. It is done with a remotely operated underwater vehicle.

Motion photography

It is the evident flare of moving objects in a photograph or sequence of frames, for example. a film.

So, these were some types of photography but as you are thinking to adopt photography as a profession so this much information won’t help. You need to know a lot about lenses, angles, and the qualifications needed.

Camera lenses

Moving forward to the lenses of the camera, there are different types of lenses that are needed to capture different images. A lens might be fixed or it might be transposable with lenses of different focal lengths, aperture, and other properties. Some of these lenses are zoom lens, macro lens, wide-angle lens, ultra-wide-angle lens, also known as fisheye lens, short telephoto lens, standard lens, etc. These lenses are used for different purposes and it has its focal length that strongly helps in the convergence and divergence of light while capturing images.

Qualification required

As far as the qualification is concerned, no formal qualification is needed to  become a photographer. All you need is a keen eye and a creative mind. Courses like mass communication and journalism are available to get some technical knowledge and develop your photography skills. A college education is an option for this profession if you are creative enough. Many institutions provide two-year courses for photography and at last, if you are serious about this profession any bachelor’s degree will do. The jobs in the photography field are available after completing the course. 

Photography careers

A camera is a photographer’s best friend a

and can be a great choice as a profession because you will be doing something of your will. There are different photography styles so you can choose any of them according to your interest and pursue it as a career. All you need is to make a portfolio of your work.

You can work for a company or even as a freelance photographer. You can find photography assignments through advertisements or networking, some sources may also help. Working as a photojournalist, fashion photographer, night photographer, nature photographer, etc requires only good skill and presence of mind but if you want to be a wildlife photographer you need to be strong and quick as well.

If you are from the science field and interested in photography then scientific photography is for you. It includes clicking pictures of cells, internal organs, planets, etc and for this type of photography, you need some scientific training.

Learning process of photography careers:

If you are thinking about photography as a profession and now you know the courses and qualifications as well, here we are going to tell you about some interesting books that are going to help you with photography. Even if you enroll yourself under some institute or college they are also going to provide you some theoretical knowledge. So here is the list of some interesting and really helpful books. 

  • On photography by Susan Sontag
  • Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson
  • Within the frame: The journey of photographic vision by David duChemin
  • The camera by Asel Adams
  • The beginner’s photography guide by Chris Gate
  • Camera lucida by Roland Barthes

So, here it was all about photography careers, get up and grab your interest and let’s get started. A colorful world behind the lenses is waiting for you.

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