Types of Painting Brushes Used for Painting

Types of Painting Brushes Used for Painting

Types of Painting Brushes Used for Painting


Paint Brush set, pencils, colors, and canvas, an artist’s world revolves around these things. What to draw next is not always that easy to decide. An artist always tries to use different shapes and effects and he always tries to make his painting or sketch a masterpiece for which he requires different tools. One of those tools is the paintbrush. Paint Brushes come in different shapes and sizes depending upon the hair used in it. 

So before we start painting a new imagination let’s know about some types of paint brushes that are going to help you a lot in creating your masterpiece. Here are some painting brush names that are used by the artists. The types of painting brushes used are. They are also the types of painting brushes used for acrylic painting. 



This is the most common brush shape. Whenever we think about a paintbrush the image that comes to our mind is always around a paintbrush. A perfect round paintbrush will always have a sharp point that will help you paint fine lines and other details with it. It comes in two different sizes, small and large. A larger brush will help you to fill larger areas of your paintings. 

types of painting brushes



Flat brushes are quite wide rather thick. The bristles of these brushes vary in length. It has small and larger bristles and it can be used in two ways. It provides you board brushstroke and thin brushstroke when turned by its edge. The length and bristles of a flat paintbrush determine its color holding capacity. Short-haired bristles hold less color and vice versa. 



Bright brushes have short-length hairs with a long handle. The width and length of the brush head are equal. Whenever you have to draw short strokes with thick colors, bright brushes will be the best choice. 



Filbert paintbrush has thick hair. The length of the hair is usually medium or long. It has an oval shape. It is used when we have to blend ours. Artists use the filbert brush on media like oil, acrylic, and decorative surfaces. 


This brush has a thin layer of bristles. These brushes are used to blend colors or to draw hair, grasses, or anything thin in appearance. It is also used for stippling, smoothing, or painting a tree.  



Angled brush has a flat tip(ferrule) and short-length hair. It also has a set of long hair at another end. It is used for lines, curves, and strokes. It holds a thick color. 

types of painting brushes


Mop brushes hold a large quantity of paint. It is soft and floppy and is ideal for painting a large area with no edges. 



These brushes are also called liner brush. It has extremely long bristles and it is very thin in appearance. It has a sharp point but can have a square tip. These brushes are a great choice when you need to produce fine lines with a consistent width. In the world of painting, these brushes are ideal for painting thin branches on trees, boat masts, etc. Artists also use this brush for signing their name on the painting.


So, these are all types of painting brushes that are used in painting. 


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