Low Light Photography Tips - Night Photography Ideas

Low Light Photography Tips - Night Photography Ideas

Low Light Photography Tips - Night Photography Ideas


Light is a major factor in photography. A photographer will always seek the correct light in his photography. There should be proper lighting to take good pictures otherwise you will end up ruining your photo in too much light or when the light is too low. Though photography can be done in low light by doing some adjustments, all you have to do is some preparation for low light photography tips. Every problem has a way to cope up with this low light photography. Here are some low light photography tips and an overlook on photography in low light.  


First of all, let’s study the levels of low light. Yes, there are levels in low light photography tips too. Levels, from where lights will start getting darker. These levels can be categorized as follows.


Visible conditions

This is the condition or the time of day when you can see things clear with shadows. 


Low conditions

It is the sunset time when you can see things but you know it is getting darker.


Dark conditions

It is the night time when you can see bright objects or things in light.

low light photography tips

Now, here are some low light photography tips, tips that you need to keep in mind in dark photography.


Setting ISO right

ISO tells the speed of film or it tells how sensitive the camera’s sensor is to light. Lower the iso number better the picture quality. While photographing in the night set the ISO 1600, you may get the grainy image but that can get done in post-production. Another option for the night and low light photography is to use a tripod with much lower iso with longer exposure. To learn in deep about ISO you can join advanced photography courses.



Aperture is the camera opening that allows light to enter the lens. More light will enter when the aperture will be larger. Shooting at f/5.6 will help you get good images. 


Shutter speed

Correct shutter speed is very important while shooting in low light. Too low shutter speed will create motion blur from moving subjects. Faster shutter speed will help you avoid blurry images. A shutter speed of 1/200th or 1/250th will be the best to avoid motion blur pictures. 

low light photography tips

Handling flash right

A flash is not always needed for photography but one can use a flash to fill the loopholes. Light is needed while shooting at least this much light that will make your subject visible. So you should balance the light in photography by using a flash right. 



Through the digital revolution, it is now easy to assess the exposure. It is now easy to know if the exposure is too dark or light. There are some DSLR tips for capturing dark scenes and correct exposure is one of them. You can adjust the exposure to ⅓-1/f stop using the exposure compensation when the exposure is too light or dark. Exposure tells you how dark or light your image will appear. 


These low light photography tips are going to help you a lot while photographing in low light. 


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